Specific and highly sensitive coagulation testing

Labcorp has established itself as an internationally recognized leader in hemostasis testing. Colorado Coagulation is a designated coagulation laboratory with more than 40 years of experience offering distinctive services with a consultative focus. We are dedicated to maintaining leadership in coagulation testing through continuous scientific research and new assay development. Our extensive test menu and consultative approach provide clients with the resources they need to help predict, diagnose, and manage even the most unusual bleeding and clotting disorders.

Leaders in innovation

Over the past 40+ years, Labcorp’s laboratories and scientific staff have consistently developed and launched important new products designed to help physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients.

  • Abnormal APTT/PT Evaluation: A targeted approach to help identify the basis for abnormal APTT/PT screening assays
  • Profiles for Women's Health: Bleeding, thrombophilia, and recurrent pregnancy loss evaluation
  • Recognized leader in clinical trials
  • Reflex cascade testing and profiles established using current clinical guidelines
  • von Willebrand Disease: Variety of assays including multimer analysis and DDAVP challenge profile
  • Factor Inhibitor testing