Specializing in highly specific and sensitive endocrine testing services

We provide a unique service oriented to the distinct requirements of the practice of endocrinology. We are an industry leader in developing new, clinically relevant assays and establishing defined reference ranges for pediatric and adult patient populations. Our goal is to employ technology to provide useful clinical information—not just laboratory data—to positively impact patient care and the delivery of cost-effective medical treatment.

Comprehensive portfolio of thyroid test options

We offer test options and collection kits to assist with your thyroid disorder diagnosis and management. From hyper- and hypothyroidism to familial cancer testing, we have testing to get you the answers you need.

Leaders in innovation

Over the past 40+ years, Labcorp’s laboratories and scientific staff have consistently developed and launched important new products designed to help physicians diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients.

  • Mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS-MS): Superior specificity and sensitivity for critical steroid assays
  • Genetics testing: Expanded menu includes genes and panels for many endocrine disorders
  • Salivary cortisol: Monitors hormone levels through convenient saliva samples
  • Fractionated 25-hydroxy vitamin D: Differentiates between circulating D2 and D3
  • GlycoMark®: An assay reflective of postmeal glucose spikes
  • Thyroid FNA: Collection kits, testing including molecular analysis and lymph node aspirate testing